Cake Topper DIY

My friend Michelle, a painter and illustrator, shared with me this adorable handmade cake topper.

Michelle is engaged (so excited for her!), so I’m not sure if it’s for her wedding or a friend’s…

but either way it is freakin’ cute!

I love the green bow tie and the bride’s veil. Michelle was kind enough to share the steps for those of you inclined to give it a try.

For this project, you will need a polymer bake-able or Air-Dry clay.

1. Roll balls for heads and long cylinders for body. Make sure the body has a flat base so it can stand. Then, connect the head to the body.

2. Next, add hair by rolling long strips, laying out each one on head

3. Be creative. Add clothing. I added a bow tie for the groom and created simple clothing by rolling strips of color and laying it straight down across body. You can customize as you wish. If you have a certain color scheme for your wedding you can add that.

3. Add the veil, cut the edges with a a scalloped edge scissor and mold on head of bride.

If you are looking for more gorgeous wedding inspiration then you must visit Brooklyn Bride and Green Wedding Shoes. I went crazy over an a nature and travel inspired wedding over there earlier this week!

I hope you have an exciting weekend ahead! What are your plans?

I will be attending my friend, Edy’s art show this evening who you may remember from the giveaway. I will be clicking away.

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