Great Art, $20 Really.

I love this companies’ slogan so much that I have stolen it for the title of my post today. The story behind the company, 20 x 200 is equally amazing!

I’m excited to show you some of my favorite pieces.

This artist, Younga Park has really caught my eye with 2 of the photographs on the site. While I am browsing, I tend to end up clicking on her photos. As it turns out, she is a Brooklyn based blogger and photographer that loves to “capture narratives of everyday life.”

The coolest thing about this company has to be the pricing of prints starting at just….you guessed it, $20! I am soo going to look here for unique holiday gifts because I love giving art! Two years ago, I found some excellent photography on Etsy of lighthouses for my Uncle and Aunt. The thing about 20×200 is the pieces are already curated for you, so it saves time….which I can not seem to find enough of!

There are some seriously amazing paintings and drawings here too, like this piece by Jennifer Sanchez, lots of movement and neon colors in this piece, sort of like a modern Kandinsky painting.

I hope this week has left you feeling as energized as this painting! I am still recovering from doing too many things:) Tomorrow, I have little surprise Friday DIY for you. You are gonna love it!

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