Pink and Orange: Bedroom Palettes

It’s an exciting day here at PinkPianos because today I’m featuring the color PINK!

I’ve been combing the internet for Girl’s Rooms that inspire and so far I have found some pretty eye-pleasing spaces. Mostly, I’m looking for inspiration that’s fresh and young, plus works well with sage and pink as I am currently, pre-designing two rooms.

I found out about¬†Lisa Fine a little while back and her gorgeous textiles in Domino Magazine totally charmed me. I was lucky enough to spot her portfolio pics in Lonny Magazine and it’s official, I love Lisa’s work!

I would love to see a nightstand in this vibrant shade of mint green. Right now, I’m so all about the star lamps in a pale pink bedroom. Isn’t that soft glow sweet?

Or check out this amazing room in pink by Sixx Design. I love this studio, I first discovered their book Downtown Chic, over a year ago…

Then, there was the amazing Bravo TV series, Nine by Design, about the family.

I wanted to include a few of these because I am drooling over the shades of pink!

Softer with shades of sea foam green and pink can be very soothing. The gray upholstered headboard with a little pattern totally adds to the space.

Soft shades layered in like curtains or blanket in pink also are amazing! My room was pink growing up, but I do not think I truly appreciated it. There are 2 famous kid’s rooms in pink that I’ll be digging around to show you later in the week!

Can’t wait to hear what you think.¬†What are your thoughts on pink and which room do you really love?

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One Response to Pink and Orange: Bedroom Palettes

  1. Hilary says:

    Also, I’m curious if any of you have found any girl’s rooms curtains that you truly love.
    I’m a big fan of Kerry Cassil and Madeleine Weinrib, but am always on the hunt for more!

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