Look Book: Ancient Greece

I recently pulled together a look book inspiration totally and completely by the history and furnishings of Ancient Greece.

Myself having never been, I got really into the images of modern hotels mixed with ancient ruins, and stone sculptures.

Earthy mosaics…

Do you like my model? She’s actually clipped from an ancient painting!

You can not go wrong with a Klismos chair by Saridis of Athens. The seat was traditionally woven leather strapping.

The look book would not be complete without color! Which brings me to my favorite ancient Greek color.

Staying true to fabrics of the time, I used cotton, linen, and leather only. I blended Tyrian purple the color of royalty with lighter sunkissed shades and gray. In ancient times, the purple was made naturally from shellfish, while gray was mixed from soot!

Can you all imagine?!

Lastly, I’m pleased to introduce you to a Greek blog that I truly love Anmarkdesign. Annie gives visitors like me a peak into the world of modern Greece with products graphics and interiors that are so inspiring.

So don’t delay, go and see!

Tomorrow, I will pop in with a few handpicked handmade products for you to see. Then, I’ll be off to the Claremont Green Market for the second weekend!

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3 Responses to Look Book: Ancient Greece

  1. Sigh…. Oh to be there right now!
    Fun blog!

    Sandra Evertson

  2. thank you so much for this mention!!
    beautiful post! Saridis furniture still exists and making pieces like that!!
    next week i’m moving so i’ll be back on track with my blog..


  3. Ytr says:

    I found this post because of the tyrian purple. My birthstone is a pearl and molluscs produce pearls and tyrian purple dye. Beautiful color as you’ve displayed with the fabric and a nice post you have here.

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