Eric Fischer Maps

Where I come from

Where I live now.

A friend showed me these Race and Ethnicity maps by cartologist Eric Fischer.

All data was collected from the 200 U.S. census. Maybe it’s the digital quality of the map or the fact that one dot that represents 25 people, that made me take a closer look.

Pink dots: Whites

Blue dots: Blacks

Green dots: Asians

Orange dots: Hispanics

At PinkPianos I tend to shy away from social commentary, but something about these struck me as truly beautiful.

You can search for your own city from his collection of 200 U.S. cities. I’d love to hang one of these on a wall and call it social art as they are a fascinating study of our society, it’s history and the way people have settled.

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2 Responses to Eric Fischer Maps

  1. i am with you on how beautiful this is… it’s amazing what we as people do to our world!

  2. I love these maps! They truly are a piece of art 🙂

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