Joining the Lovely Blogger List

I’ve been able to connect with so many great blogger’s in the community lately.

I love their ideas and fresh perspectives on life. I also really loved Rue Magazine’s latest DIY, can’ t wait to try it.

Which is why I became really excited to join Rachel’s blogger list over at Lovely Clusters.

In order to become a part of it, I will share a little bit about myself in an effort as well to reaquaint and show you around my little blogger part of the world.

Pink Pianos by Hilary Hahn is a place to connect the dots between Art, Design, and worldly inspiration. Here I showcase, vintage resurfaced furniture products and reinvented found objects. I love how a cast-off piece of d├ęcor becomes a functional work of art. I consider my adventures from Europe and India to tiny cities along the Pacific Coast as the grounds for one massive treasure hunt.

Her abundant adventures from Europe and India to tiny cities along the Pacific Coast provide a constant source of inspiration and finds. She believes you can take a journey anywhere even in your own back yard.

My friend Annie is also a source of inspiration for me as a blogger. Many of the interior designs that I publish are part of a collaboration between the two of us. I know lots of you have seen our latest project the Girl’s Bedroom Metamorphosis. Before I forget, here is a final pick that shows Mia’s bed that we designed.

The duvet cover was custom designed out of hand dyed silk. I am really happy with the way it all came out!

Another blog, that I can not take my eyes off is The Sartorialist, which I know is a favorite among many.

I love to meet other designers, curators, and bloggers.

Nature is a constant inspiration to me!

It’s been so nice to meet other artists and have them share their ideas, inspiration, and opinions. Rachel’s Blogger List is fabulous because it groups bloggers by region helping to connect us with each other and a larger audience.

You can contact me at hilary.hahn@




I hope you all will feel at home here and keep in touch!

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3 Responses to Joining the Lovely Blogger List

  1. Meredith M. says:

    Hilary, these ideas and images are amazing! I love the mirror! This is a great blog! So many wonderful and creative thoughts! Keep it up!

  2. Lizelly says:

    Hi Hilary, thanks for your comment on my blog. I’m glad you liked the patterns…I so enjoy creating them out of the most intricate and simple inspirations!! I’m loving your blog header…did you paint that?
    ~ Lizelly

  3. Hilary says:

    Yes, I painted the header! I’m getting new business cards made and decided what to keep and leave behind, so I’m glad that you said that b/c I keep thinking I may change my banner…

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