Violet Crush: Before and After

Well, I’ve been working on this Little Red dresser all week! While, I liked her charm and character, I wanted to create a more feminine piece. Plus, she was really banged up!

I opted for a dusty violet paint color that I mixed by hand. I also taped of all of the iron detailing and buffed it gold usingĀ Rub n’ Buff. I prefer the antique gold because it is less shiny!

The piece already had great curves. Wanna peak inside the drawer?

I found these knobs at Anthropologie and chose them for the shape, color and texture. There are tiny bumps on each one, which kind of reminds me of a sea urchin! This picture shows how plum-y she can look depending on the light.

I’m still workin’ on her. What do you think of the new shade, is it a keeper?

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3 Responses to Violet Crush: Before and After

  1. Allie says:

    I suppose the shade will depend on where the piece will go. I like the choice of gold trim & the knobs are cute with it.

  2. Hilary says:

    Thanks, Allie. I agree, it is actually going to be for sale in my Etsy or Ebay shop. I plan to test out the purple and see if someone has a home for it!

  3. Ray* says:

    hmmmm. Not sure. I like the purple against the yellow tone in the chair in the background. I’ll have to see it when its all said and done.

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