Clean White Office Inspiration

I love the crisp clean lines of an all white office. Does it just seem easier locate the important paperwork, when the backdrop is clean and all in white? Below is a collage that I created featuring several elements that I am considering using for an upcoming project.

  • Linen wrapped corkboards
  • Round white table
  • Round white rug
  • Sturdy white chairs with backrests
  • White organizers, files, and bins
  • Soft brightly painted walls

This reading room in this months Lonny Magazine grabbed my attention with the shiny white table surrounded by bright cushy stools, which would be practical for short studies, but not so much long work sessions…Another great detail is in the artwork propped up atop the bookshelves.

As for IKEA’s 2011 catalogue full of organizational splendor, I am loving the white magazine files, drawers, and storage tubs.

Meanwhile, I am desperate to reorganize my own office! Please share, what are your favorite ways to organize your workspace? We could all use a few simple tricks! In fact, maybe we can even get a little bit more work done:)

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3 Responses to Clean White Office Inspiration

  1. that reading room from lonny is basically my dream. in love.

  2. i like white space but I’m always worried that the dirt will show with anything… have a nice one!

  3. Grey Goose says:

    yeah, I think I’d rather the dirt show (so it can be cleaned) than hide it!

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