Snapshots from Kentucky

Lavender Fields is a 6″ x 6″ oil painting from a series called Snapshots that I have recently gotten FRAMED! Yes, it’s true. I finally found the time to do this while on vacation.

I was incredibly happy with the reverse lip frame that is deep like a shadowbox. You may notice the wood even has a hint of gold in it that made it irresistible in my opinion. It will be auctioned of next month as part of the Rocket Spectacular.

On a family golf cart ride I was enamored by the chickens and coop in a neighbors backyard.

Thoughts of dandelions blowing in the wind reminded me of long summer days growing up.

there’s notepaper too!

A quick trip to Paul’s fresh Fruit Market inspired this Beet salad served over Boston lettuce and oil rubbed Kale tossed with Couscous, roasted corn and goat cheese.

Then, there’s always a swimming hole there to cool me off!

I wish these days could last forever.

I also drank lots of Heine Brothers Coffee and ordered takeout from Ramsi’s Cafe on the World. They have a delicious dish called the Shanghai Stir Fry.

Later this week, I have a surprise for you.

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One Response to Snapshots from Kentucky

  1. Splash-splash by the pool!
    ps:I’d love to raise chicken one day…would be so nice to get the freshest organic egg each morning! One day!!
    Lovely weekend~ xo

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