Weekend Redo: Bedrooms

This weekend for me was all about striking a balance between work and repose. At home, I am enjoying snoozing away in my new cotton paisley block print bedding that I found at West Elm’s Dash for Design sale! If you haven’t gone yet, you should! They have deals on all kinds of furnishings from their signature mini desks to lacquer trays.

This July, in the spirit of transformation, I plan to repaint our existing wood bed frame. Replace that functional, yet tacky bedside lamp and finish the bedroom by painting the walls and or hanging new colorful curtains. What color would you like to see this bedframe? The dresser in the room is a dark walnut but other than that could become anything really.

Over at our client’s house, the girls’ rooms Metamorphosis continues with installation of a photo wall, coconut lamp, modern nightstand, and beginning layers of the bedding.

In Mia’s room we have assembled her Parson’s Desk, added simple shelving, a lacquer tray for organizing papers, and a punchy Thalya chair by Kartell.

In a day or two this brilliant lamp will be hung from the center of the lofted ceilings. In it’s current state, I think it resembles an art installation, but it’s going to be so fantastic!

This was the last quiet moment I had in Echo Park captured by Ashish.

yup, that’s me…feeling a real sense of peace.

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4 Responses to Weekend Redo: Bedrooms

  1. Amazing lamp! And awesome blog. I like all the rooms in your photos – not sure on the bed post colour… so many fun options that could led to interesting paths in overall decor. As for your clients white bed sheets with turquoise designs on them – crazily, that looks like a set I have (handed down from my parents) from decades ago. I love those sheets and am surprised to find a piece that looks so similar from a distance!

  2. Hilary says:

    The bed sheets are from PB Teen, if you can believe it! I guess all things really do come back in style sooner or later.
    Not to mention, I was shocked to discover that PB Teen also carries a full range of CUTE throw pillows!

  3. Adam says:

    Painting my daughters room two shades of purple as well. Bought some chair rail with a vine design. Would you recommend using some kind of ceiling molding as well to complement the chair? the celiing height is quire low. i’m 5’8″ and can get the tips of my fingers on it completely stretched out. off the top of my head maybe almost 8 feet. I would measure but not home right now. Any suggestions?

  4. Hilary says:

    I think using the two tones of paint will be quite beautiful along with the chair rail. Chair rails and molding add a touch of tradition to a space. It could be very nice with a slim accent molding that does not diminish the height of the wall. Best to keep the ceiling bright white to create the illusion of space. You can also hang curtains as high up as possible to elongate the walls. Best of luck!

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