Getting Hung Up

I spent last weekend sorting through a multitude of artworks ranging from poster art to pieces that were in my client’s family for years. After careful consideration, we decided to showcase original artworks and folk art from the bulk of his art collection.

As you walk into the residence, color washed walls and gallery style lights set the mood.

Carved wood shutters brought back from his days in the Peace Corps in Afghanistan.

You could say a person’s art collection speaks a 1,000 words…masks brought back from a trip to Myanmar.

Through the hallway, we set up many tiny vignettes, this one by artist Lionel Barrymore.

contrasted by the Bold Indian Art that hangs over the living room sofa.

The colors of ink in this Malaysian artwork complemented the maroon walls completely.

All in a day’s work…okay, it took two!

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4 Responses to Getting Hung Up

  1. It looks great, Hilary! I love all of your art. Happy 4th!

  2. sarman says:

    it was very interesting to read.
    I want to quote your post in my blog. Can I?

  3. I have some of Lionel Barrymore’s art its the bold indian art of San Pedro foil picture. I really love the picture but would like to find out the value of this art work.

  4. I have fallen on hard times and would like to sell the artwork picture i have its the same one as the picture that is described higher up on this page as the bold indian art that hangs over the living room sofa. If anyone is interested in this artwork please email me at… Really dont want to sell but need money!!!!

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