The Secret Life of Objects amidst other curiosities

As far as curiosities go, last weekend I hit the jack pot at the Aaron Cramer: Secret Life of Objects exhibit during the Los Angeles art walk.

The sculptural entryway assemblages were a feast full of wonder from the welded hanging lantern-shaped pendants

to the sculptural vessels woven from Street Sweeper bristles.

and then there were the “Moneyballs” made from from thousands of tiny shreds of discarded treasury notes.

I’m absolutely amazed at the way that Kramer glued those and to that effect.

The Page Museum was also free for the day so I got a glimpse of other green creatures…

Enjoying a swim.

On to the ultimate curiosity; Kaya Toast at Susan Feniger’s restaurant Street. The dish offered thick fried toast with coconut jam, soft-fried egg (which I neglected), dark soy sauce, and white pepper.

What sounds exotic couldn’t taste more delicious. Toast that literally melts in your mouth. Here Katie and Ashish bask in the glow of the orange umbrella.

It’s been yet another fabulous week!

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One Response to The Secret Life of Objects amidst other curiosities

  1. Those money balls, at first I thought they were watermelons!
    Amazing works~

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