Monday cheer up: Graphic pillows

Hey everybody~ It’s been a fun weekend starting with a trip to Real Food Daily, a delicious vegan restaurant just up the street from us on La Cienega. The food was so tasty and fulfilling, Friday night really set the tone for the  whole weekend, if you know what I mean! Do try it and let me know what ya think!

I wanted to start every week this month with a punch, so I’ve picked out some of my favorite graphic pillows that have caught my eye. Starting with I LOVE VERA, a 1960’s design icon that has been revived for the public!

This green bolster is on SALE at Anthropologie  (if you can believe it!) I actually bought the shorter version in pink because it worked with our living room and I’m luvin’ it. They’ve even made her amazing watercolors into rug designs and upholstery.

Wouldn’t this rug inspire a swim?

Can you believe that Vera Neumann, whose namesake the VeraCompany celebrates, began it all as a scarf designer?

Lately, green is my favorite color and this Kaleidoscope pillow by Jonathan Adler does not disappoint.

Last-but-not-least this teensy little white Geisha Kukiko by myMimi wishes you a cheerful Monday!

There is a world full of curiosities in store for you this week.

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3 Responses to Monday cheer up: Graphic pillows

  1. Bekah Mae says:

    I love those graphic prints!

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