An Artist a Day: Leah Padow

I sat down for a brunch-time interview with Los Angeles based artist, Leah Padow to find out more about her sublime paintings and motivations behind her work. Leah paints in acrylic, watercolor, pencil, and paper. You will notice how she juxtaposes light cool and dark warm colors at once.

Leah graduated from the Studio Art Program at Cal State Long Beach and remembers her favorite class being Color Theory. Which explains why, Leah’s work is often full of ¬†brightly colored organic shapes …

When asked if she’d ever thought of being something other than an artist. Leah relates her first experiences with creating an artwork as a child. She remembers using Xerox and scotch tape to produce a series of toilet sculptures, later came a bicycle and an ironing board. How cool is it, that she created a series at age 5? So being an artist seemed only natural, although becoming an architect may have been runner-up as you’ll see a definite balance and order in her compositions.

I get a feeling from looking her pieces, how about you?

Her current series is all about skin is and is open to audience interpretation. Currently, she is “painting with paper” a style that has been evolving since her earlier work. I hope to post one of her latest paintings soon. In the between time, ¬†if you’d like to contact Leah you can do so by emailing Leah is a member of Women Painter’s West and the Wednesday Collective. I will keep you updated about her upcoming shows.

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3 Responses to An Artist a Day: Leah Padow

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  2. amanda says:

    Wow her work is amazing! Love the use of color and shapes!
    Is she anywhere online? facebook, website, etsy?

  3. Leah says:

    Found you on the Lovelies! Your blog is great!

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