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I did something daring yesterday in Mumbai. I met with blogger, Vineeta Nair, whose blog, ArtnLight, I’ve been following over the last six months. We met just outside of the Lotus Cafe, a famous spot to lunch at the J.W. Marriot in Juhu, Mumbai. I could go on and on about the food, the ambiance, the extravagance of the surroundings, but what  I really want to share with you is Vineeta. She is a refreshing source for design ideas and creative energy here in the city.

As an artist, she does paintings, collage, and has a photographer’s eye. One thing, she designs beautifully are these decoupaged trays. You can see all the love and spirit that goes into making them unique.

Here in India, these are used often as serving trays for tea and home decor. Sometimes, I find the thing we do can be a work of genius, that said, here’s a look at Vineeta’s first tray design.

When visiting ArtnLight, you’ll notice pages of well curated banners, buttons, and photography. Therein, Vineeta’s background as an Art Director shines through. It was exciting to meet the person behind the blog!

I’d like to thank Vineeta for being such a fun and delightful host yesterday.

I have scoured the web for other fascinating Indian bloggers because the palette here is so vibrant and the objects are captivating. If you are in the mood for further enchantment, then you must read on!

Now get out there and explore;)

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4 Responses to Indian blogs to love

  1. vasudha says:

    hi hilary….

    I am vasudha here….nice to know that u met vineeta. I adore here creativity…. and your blog is good too. please visit mine at


  2. Gulzar says:

    Its wonderful to see you blog! I love the splash of colours thrown in here…
    So you still here in India? Did you happen to go to Calcutta? ( My hometown)

    Hope you had a wonderful time here dear 🙂
    warm wishes from this land of crazy Indian Elephants, flying carpets and snake charmers 🙂


  3. Hi, Hilary, I wish I had had time to meet up with you too! I was stuck in the burbs and then spent the rest of my time at a hill station to the south. I’m planning on going back and doing the trip more in your style. 🙂 How much longer will you be there?

  4. Hilary says:

    Ally, I am actually back in Palm Springs to be exact.
    I stayed in Juhu for most of my trip, but loved all the shops in Bandra.
    I hope you are enjoying yourself! E-mail me anytime for recommendations.
    This was my 2nd trip to Mumbai, so I feel like I’m getting the hang of it:)

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