Star Light, Star Bright

I am so loving all the Paper Lanterns that I spotted this weekend in Goa. They are providing me new inspiration. Although, they are traditionally a Catholic decoration and very common here in India, I’d love to see the lanterns used as interior decor.

Seeing Stars, Original photo by .TDub via Flickr

This talented photographer has captured them exquisitely.

Photo courtesy of Captured Moments Photography via Flickr.

I can see the all white one used in bundles or how about this Morrocan star lamp that I found on Apartment Therapy? This light really adds something to the room.

Since Goa is a beach-y place, I’d love to add some of these to the sea and surf room I am currently designing.

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6 Responses to Star Light, Star Bright

  1. Bella Beads Originals says:

    I love all the colors in India! Can I just say I love that blue and green kitchen. Very cool!

  2. I would love to visit India and experience all of that fabulous color. Nice kitchen, inspiring since I’m painting my house!

  3. Tresijas says:

    Wow, I lov ethem. We had one in our daughter’s room, but they look amazing as a group! I also want that kitchen, can you please send it to me? 🙂

  4. Amanda says:

    I love those lamps, and the colors are divine!

  5. knack says:

    I have always loved those brightly colored paper stars! my sister bought me one a few years ago….and I have been meaning to add to my collection ever since 🙂 ….but I love these photos… beautiful:)

    have a great night!


  6. I love them lit up in a dark room… they look pretty magical!

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