Taste of India

Last night’s dinner was a feast for the eyes as well. Here’s a look at the lobby in the Maratha Sheraton.

Find opulence in the grandeur of the atrium…

and craftsmanship the finest details of a glass etching in the elevator corridors.

The restaurant Peshawri is just adjacent to this stunning atrium. Peshwari cuisine is from the north, modern day Peshawar and the Dal Bukhara is slow cooked over charcoals with generous amounts of butter and time; the actual recipe is guarded as secret and cooked for days…

Photo courtesy of Kitchens of India

The naan at Peshawri is tandoori style: soft, flaky and licked by the flames. I found a lovely recipe for this dal over at DelhiBelle.

I hope the first post on this delicious city leaves you feeling both hungry for more yet satisfied.

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4 Responses to Taste of India

  1. Hilary! What a coincidence! I’m leaving for India this weekend! Where all are you going? I’ll be in Mumbai . . .

  2. Amanda says:

    Wow how gorgeous! What a beautiful place, and that dish looks delish! I LOVE Indian food:)

  3. Vineeta says:

    Hillary, For how long are you in mumbai? I am travelling and though I am a mumbaite, I will be in town only from monday the 5th onwards. I love your work & it might be great to connect. Do let me know if it will be possible.

  4. Vineeta says:

    I read your comments. I have also sent you a mail on ‘hilary.hahn@’ do check it. Anytime thursday or friday is good for me 🙂
    It would be so fun to meet up! 🙂

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