Once upon a Chair…

Now becomes a stool!

This once worn Queen Anne could be mistaken for a Pottery Barn reproduction piece, if it weren’t for the unpierced back splat.  I’ve been working on this little number a couple of days now breathing new life into it as an entryway stool.  The first day out here working in my studio, I sanded away the finish while listening to the rain magically patter down on the metal garage door. Remembering my luck finding the perfect silk fabric at F and S for Traci’s chair, I returned to find something appropriate for this piece. I really enjoyed picking the fabric and cutting a custom plywood seat with my new orbital scrolling jigsaw.

I must admit to having a weakness for cool patterns on anything from a footstool to an ottoman. This one works especially well as an entryway spot to stop and take shoes off, or a as a vanity seat because of it’s height.

I hope to make more pieces like this, occasional tables, stools, and nightstands tend to be my latest fascination!

Next time, I may pad the seat even higher. Instead of using 1″ foam and polyester batting, I may try the 2″ foam for something really fluffy.What do you think would look the best, thick or thin?…Ideas?

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4 Responses to Once upon a Chair…

  1. Mindezigns says:

    I love this Hil! Great job.

  2. Elie's Papel says:

    this is a great idea to recycle an old chair!

  3. vlad says:

    what kind of white color did you used. water color?

  4. Hilary says:

    I used a grey beige water based satin finish latex paint.
    It is a complex white, I think.

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