Antique Chair: Before and After

Traci’s chair had been handed down to her. It had a strong frame and was built beautifully. I was up to the challenge of restoring her heirloom piece. Here it is before on the left. We loved the original colors of the silk on the seat.

When, I came across this gorgeous Sunbrella silk at right, I knew that we had found our new fabric! We both agreed on it immediately. To add comfort, I added an extra sheet of polyester batting to the existing cushion, being mindful not to make it too fluffy! Here you can see the beauty of the wood from the side.

That is one chic restoration piece, does anyone know what period it is from exactly? My guess is a Thomas Sheraton piece.

Looks like it is going to be another full day. Pop in later in the week for a DIY project and inspiration!

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5 Responses to Antique Chair: Before and After

  1. I think they are from the 30’s/40’s, a retro style from the 1900’s/1910’s–my parents have a few pieces that are built in high quality, sturdy ways but look more turn of the century, and we’re pretty sure they’re 40’s. I have seen several table/chair sets with that type of chair.

  2. nancy goulet says:

    beautiful piece! I love the fabric!

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  4. stacue says:

    Beautiful! So, I have 6 dining chairs that currently don’t have cushions but they really need them for as often as we sit in them. Do you think I could do this (if I take apart the chairs) with a chair that is not currently covered? I imagine so but I would some advice from the “experts” around here!

  5. Hilary says:

    Thanks! Stacue, you can send me a picture of the chair hilary.hahn@ and I will be happy to advise. I think it really depends on the type of seat.

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