Cozying Up the Walls

Some of you may be looking for alternatives to painting or wallpapering a room. Linen on the walls is a wonderful way to add elegance and warmth to a room. I would love to try it in a small space such as an entryway or powder room. Traditionally, linen covered walls was a technique used in wealthy houses during the early 20th century. The linen served as a canvas for paint and prevented cracks from developing. Happily, I came across a modern version of this effect through Casart Coverings, a sister-sister duo that designs and manufactures linen-esque wall coverings made out of a durable vinyl and canvas. I love the rose-peach glow of this room by Casart below.

I could also see doing something really opulent like the linen and velvet in blue-green combination.

Casart also does stair decals like the before and after here. These would be a great solution for a temporary living space like an apartment or for someone who updates their home frequently. They specialize in customizable and removable coverings that quickly transform. As you can see the tiling really makes an ordinary stairwell, pop!

Lastly, you wouldn’t believe how cool grey linen looks with a yellow twist.

photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

So calming, it could be used as an accent wall behind the bed or throughout the room.

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  1. the copper bathtub is amazing! just amazing.

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