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Today, I discovered MyPantone! It’s a simple program that allows you to collect and arrange swatches into palettes. As part of my New Year’s resolution, I’ve been thinking about all the to do’s for 2010. There are many goals that I hope to accomplish this year, and I have 2 design projects that I will focus on this month.

*Inspiration boards for my Dad’s new bath

*Painting our bathroom

*Fortifying a color scheme for our bedroom

I guess that makes three!

Here are two rows that I concocted while playing around. The blues are found in my bedroom and bath. The cranberry is the color of the existing tiles. All the rest, such as the verdant shades of green are hues pulled from nature that I see in the banana leaves outside my window.

I wanted to really acquaint myself with the Pantone site since their colors have many applications. I worked with the free software for a bit. It even allows you to insert a photo like the one below. Then, it selects 12 different colors present and generates a swatch. You are able to decide which to add and to delete from there. This photo, is one of the many that I’ve found to inspire my Dad as he gathers ideas for an additional bathroom.

I’m lovin’ the wash table! Plus the cool grey cement coupled with the natural wood.

Next, our newly revised bedroom palette! I saw these curtains at West Elm and decided to hand dye them myself this week, while I have the time. I am tempted to paint the walls too, but since we are apartment living, I’ve tried to really limit the number of walls that we will have to repaint should we ever move.

In lieu of painting, I think 4 panels of curtains should do the trick!

Last but not least, here is a copy of the 2010 color forecast by Pantone for this year!

Don’t forget to weigh in!

Which colors do you love or disdain for your place?

I love the gray swatch in row 5, column 1.

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2 Responses to Color Forecast

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  2. donna says:

    Thanks for the heads up on this!

    From another gray fanatic!

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