A cupcake garland

Ever wanted to make your own holiday decorations?

Well, I have. Even as a kid I remember getting totally into each and every holiday often due to the pure temptation of making fabrige eggs…

This year I went with a cupcake wrapper garland for our front door.

I used red raffia (plant fiber), white beads, blue, pink, yellow and foil wrappers, mini- cake wrappers and knotted them in clusters of 7 to insure even spacing. I even did another with a private class of girls where we added India inks to white coffee filters for an ultra bright effect.

Who would have imagined cupcake papers could look so sculptural in the light?

Cupcake garland DIY

Next year’s door decoration might be this is a wreath by DancingCircle that I fell in love with big time! It’s made from Oregon green moss that is so fresh looking plus eco-inspired. Even the backing is crafted from recycled cardboard.

Oregon Green Moss Peace symbol

Last but not least, here’s a peak at the project that inspired my clever cupcake garland. It was created by crafter extraordinaire Pamela Garrison, whose blog I love to explore.

Garland by Pam Garrison

Peace and happy crafting friends!

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2 Responses to A cupcake garland

  1. Mary says:

    I love that mossy peace sign!

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