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Bedroom Inspiration

I created this sunny palette for a bedroom inspiration board. My own bedroom is one that I’d love to redecorate. Thus in the coming weeks, I’m going to be digging up  delicious wall paint colors and proposing different palettes. This one is so feminine and pretty. I also love the natural linen that I found from ThatFunkyBoutique’s shop on Etsy.

That awesome coffee filter garland is an awesome DIY project from the blog of Pamela Garrison. I’m thinking of making a similar holiday decoration from cupcake wrappers and twine. Will post pics once I’ve crafted it up.

Did you see the natural wood Matroyshka dolls? I love the color splash that the red headed dolls bring to the room. I do think that natural ones posses a certain je ne sais quoi. I read about them on Apartment Therapy, where they are meant to be a DIY project with paint!

I picture all bedding and curtains in soothing neutrals and soft linen…I’m going to call it ~the Duchess’ suite!

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One Response to Duchess Chambre

  1. Angie Eisman says:

    Thanks for including my ruffle rose pillow in your lovely and eclectic inspiration board! 🙂

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