Love and Light

If you could capture the phrase “love and light” in a sculpture what would that look like?


Speaking of which, I love light. These amorphous glass works by the world famous Dale Chihully are light transmitting sculptures at their best!

Once upon a time, I sold a Chihully piece for a sumptuous fee to a lucky owner in Laguna Beach who will remain nameless.

This next one is meant to set the mood for the weekend, which I hope you will all enjoy with wonder and bliss.

Lanterns at the beach in Mexico

A warm light sculpture from the beach in Mexico.

Feliz fin de semana!

This week has been a wild ride. It started with an installation day for our client’s Guest Room and ended with a share of my vintage wallpapered nightstands on Apartment Therapy.

If you haven’t seen them already, they’re worth the trip!

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5 Responses to Love and Light

  1. Wow – these are gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Комик says:

    Невероятно красиво!
    Unexpectedly beautiful!

  3. txti says:

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  4. He who does not know how to use the happiness, when it comes; must not complain, when it passes.

    Кто не умеет пользоваться счастьем, когда оно приходит, не должен жаловаться, когда оно проходит. – М. Сервантес

  5. Jeull says:

    I am really fan of your blog… 🙂

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