Malibu Flea Market finds

This weekend in Malibu at the Lion’s Club flea market, there was lots to uncover…

Look at this beautiful vintage day bed greeted me upon arrival.

VIntage Daybed

This store was a favorite as we rummaged through deep bins of linens dated from the 1920-50s.


Isn’t this one funny!? My friend, Annie, spotted it and she loved the color.

I had to take home, this linen tablecloth. I haven’t decided exactly what to do with it yet, but I did decide not to cut it up!

Here it is draped over my couch.

Linen applique

Just look at how intricate the cross stitching and applique were. They combine to make such a simply beautiful piece.

Cross stitch detail

Okay~ so I admit I didn’t find this next dresser this time around, but I wish I had…

Anthropologie mirrored dresser

This mirrored dresser is from Anthropologie and I love the aged finish of the mirrors.

Vintage linens, glass containers, and worn mirrors are all things to look for on a hunt like this. Not to mention, I had hoped to find a couple of wooden furnishings to refinish.

On our way out, we stopped at this shop brimming with knick knacks.

Burlap covered stool

Glass bottles with stoppers, vintage baby shoes, even little ink wells that could become part of a collection.

This burlap covered stool could be used in a variety of ways in a modern setting.

Other flea markets in L.A. that I have visited include: Fairfax, Rosebowl, and Silverlake shows. The Rosebowl flea market is by far the largest. Plus, I’m hearing good things about another one in Long Beach that is great for buyers.

If you’d like to see more amazing flea market style and finds, check out this book, Paris Style from Taschen. It has some seriously good pictures inside, plus lots of things to look for on your next treasure hunt.

Bon voyage!

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