Calling all artists who are collecting nuts…

This Fall, I’ve been getting out there and gathering nuts of wisdom for the winter…

Last week I attended 2 superb speeches in L.A. and I took notes on what each speaker had to offer. I shuttled to a workshop about the business of art called, “Get Hung” at the Whole 9 in Culver City. Then, I traipsed off to Pacific Design Center to get inspired by Lori Weitzner’s speech on the Preservation of Passion.

I feel like I’ve been to the North Pole and back and would like to share my notes on what I’ve learned the past week…

Both speakers, Ashley at the Whole 9 and Weitzner, urge artists to make a specific plan.

Ashley recommends creating detailed long term goals, then working your way toward achieving them.

Go with a natural progression.  She advised against interviewing with galleries until you have done your prep work and are fully ready to have their attention. Purple Cow, a book that I recently read on marketing, suggests the same kind of thing. When you grab a person’s attention, be prepared to wow them!

They both encouraged me to find a niche.

Shady Spot, Oil on Canvas 10" x 10"

i.e. If you love to paint landscapes, then contact a gallery who sells landscape art, and don’t be afraid to really BE who you are as an artist.

While developing your portfolio, Be a perfectionist, when it comes to photos…website, etc. If you hold yourself to a high level of expertise, then your clients and collectors will agree.

The second speaker, Weitzner would concur that it’s all in the details.


Look at how this passementarie adds so much interest to each pillow.

Weitzner discussed how to stay inspired as an Artist and Designer and I really connected. It turns out, she began her journey as a painter too. Her advice to staying inspired was simple and true.

She instructs us to keep inspiration boards full…

Guest Room Inspiration by Yolksy and me

That should be easy, as I am often taping things to my walls for lack of space!

A final morsel that I gleaned was to give yourself room to be creative. Leave some open space in your life for the creativity to flow.

If you missed this one, but would like to get involved, educated, or inspired~

There is a framing workshop called Get Framed, from Martin Sherman of Sherman Galleries this Thursday.

Also, be sure to check the Pacific Design Center’s site for upcoming speaker’s and events. This is the second Design Series event I’ve participated in this year.

In L.A., I sometimes forget that we are so lucky to have resources at our fingertips.

Thank you guys for the great advice!

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  1. Ashish says:

    Nice one! I think this article and the notes apply to all types of work.

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