Jenna’s Desk

Now it’s time to uncover a work in that’s been in progress this summer. After speaking to my client, Michelle, we decided to create a desk for her daughter Jenna, just in time for the school year!

Here it is in my work space. It arrived as an unfinished wood piece. After 6 thin coats of paint and ample sanding, the desk was smooth and ready to be sealed with a light spray finish. Inside the drawers are freshly oiled and sealed with a polyurethane gloss, another option would be a paper liner. This protects the fresh wood from ink and possible stains.

Jenna's desk in studio

In Jenna’s room the vibrant pastels work really well together. Here you can see the corner that anxiously awaits the desk. In the future we plan to shift the furnishings and situate the desk looking out the window.

Jenna's Room

The crisp white paint and a modern organic print completes the look.

Jenna's Desk Staged

We lucked out by finding Eieiostudio papers and fell in love with the earthy design. See my post All the Pretty Papers for more lovely prints from Jean.

Michelle pointed out that a soft palette on the bed would finish the room and make the desk it’s focus. I found a subtle linen bedding set at West Elm, available in all three colors below (and on sale!). I prefer the white duvet cover or the olive shade in this room.

Linen Duvet

Thanks so much to Michelle for collaborating with me on this project. It’s been lots of fun!

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4 Responses to Jenna’s Desk

  1. Tresijas says:

    So cool, I love that pattern. This turned out fantastic!

  2. GuthDesigns says:

    Oh, wow, this turned out fabulous!

  3. Jenna - the Lucky Desk Owner says:

    School started and I love my desk! We rearranged my room this week and it looks outstanding! We’ll take a picture soon and send it to you or you’re free of course to come and see it in person!

  4. Hilary says:

    Jenna~ I would love to come and see it!
    Your desk was a big hit.
    2 other blogs, Yolksy and The Haystack Needle also covered it.
    I wish you all the best luck with school this year!

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