Groovy Art Cards

Lets get Tuesday morning started  with a these psychadelicious art cards by Ms. Edy Pickens.

Edy's colorful card

Edy is a wonderful painter living in Southern California. You can discover more about her work here, plus have the chance buy her one of a kind cards. What do you see so far?

Edy's Art Card

Not only is Edy is a good artist friend of mine, but she plays in a band; all while organizing year round programming for her own endeavor, Camp Monkey Muffin, an innovative art program for youth.

As a result of all of this awesomeness in graphic design, look forward next Wednesday to a product giveaway!

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One Response to Groovy Art Cards

  1. Edy Pickens says:

    Thanks, Pink Pianos! You rock! xoxo, Edy

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