All the Pretty Papers

I must say that I have always loved pretty papers! Who doesn’t? Especially wallpaper and the smell of a Kinko’s store…

That being said, many the great wallpapers cost well over $100 a roll.

So in the spirit of a recessionista, I decided to source some upscale giftwraps (matte only, no gloss) to get started on projects ranging from pendant lamps to vases.

Snow and Graham has always been a favorite of mine that I pick up for little projects here and there at Dick Blick, the local art store.

Snow and Farrow

Eieio,┬áthe cleverest name in the paper biz is both modern, graphic, and employs soy based inks. With studios in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, I was thrilled to come across these bold prints. Not to mention, Jean, the owner is super helpful! I am doing a modern desk in one of her graphic designs, but I won’t say which one…It will be a surprise, which I love~ Guessing games and surprises!

Tamarind Paper

Smock paper offers soft and nuanced designs. Much like their story of “falling for” an old industrial buiding in Downtown Syracuse is equally romantic. They pride themselves on creativity and sustainability. There papers are oft recycled and/or made from bamboo!


So, there! Now you know my top three. Please be so kind as to share any pics, companies, or paper projects with me hilary.hahn@ or leave me a comment below.

Plus, I’ll reveal Jenna’s desk amongst other projects very soon. Signing off from the Bluegrass State this time.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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