Wooden inspiration

Sail into the weekend with some wooden inspiration….

Can you believe this treasure that I found?


Today’s post is about all the wonderful ways to incorporate wood and found objects into your décor and artwork.

I have been inspired by wood grain for a long time. When, I’m not painting furniture I love to paint on wood panels. Sometimes, I feel as though a piece of wood is an artwork within itself. Yesterday, I had the fortune to find this magical model sailboat.

Does it still count as a found object if you find it online? I sure hope so.

In my studio, I am working 3 panels for on an upcoming art show at Gallery 1018 in Downtown Los Angeles.

Amidst the search for gorgeous wood pieces, I made lots discoveries along the way!

Come with me to FauxKiss gallery, where you will unearth tremendous paintings along with wood block panels complete with a keyhole in back for mounting. I also find Jean’s pricing very reasonable for the paneling.

wood panel

Next, I came across these cutesy walnut basswood rounds, which can be purchased through Holcraft or Blick Art. I thought they’d make kitschy cool decorations in a cluster on a wall.

Basswood round

You could paint with acrylics on them.

I hope you are as inspired as I am by these this Friday. I will save some of these woodsy thoughts for next week and give you a chance to see one of my oil paintings on redwood panel.

Have a fun and full weekend everyone…xo!

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